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Am I an addict?

You may have begun experimenting with drugs to feel better, perform better or because you were curious or even bored. However, overtime, your experimentation may have developed into dependence and you began abusing more and more drugs at higher doses, and maybe even combined your drug use.


Because of your drug use, you may have noticed some of the following changes in your behavior, such as:


• Neglecting responsibilities at work/home

• Increasing risk-seeking behavior while high

• Causing distress in relationships

• Getting in trouble with the law

• Spending money or stealing to get drugs

• Hiding and lying about your drug abuse

Signs of Drug Addiction

The physical and psychological changes of drug addiction are more noticeable as drug use occurs over time. Drug addiction alters the chemistry in your brain. You may be noticing some of the following signs of drug addiction:


Physical Effects

• Long periods without sleeping or eating

• Rapid weight loss or weight gain

• Bloodshot eyes and pupils larger than usual

• Slurred speech and impaired coordination

• Muscle spasms, tremors or seizures


Psychological Effects

• Depression, anxiety, and panic attacks

• Sudden mood swings and angry outbursts

• Paranoia and fear for no reason

• Hallucinations/schizophrenia

• Suicidal thoughts or attempts


Do I have a Drug Problem?

It takes great courage to be truthful with yourself and face the facts. To find the answers you are looking for, take a few moments to ask yourself the following questions:


1) Have you tried to quit using drugs but failed?

2) Have you experienced uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms after stopping use?

3) Have you abused more than one drug at a time?

4) Do you use illegal drug or prescription drugs non-medically on a regular basis?

5) Do you use drugs to relieve stress or when you are depressed?

6) Do most of the people in your life use drugs on a regular basis?

7) Do you have overwhelming feeling of guilt or shame for abusing drugs?

8) Do you get angry or annoyed at others who try to confront your drug use?

9) Do you find yourself abusing drugs within an hour of waking up?

10) Do you suffer from poor health problems due to your drug use?

11) Have you had one or more run-in with the law due to support your drug use?

12) Have you lost your job due to our drug use?  


The questions above are not intended to diagnose or label you… just to get you thinking. If you are not happy with your answers to these questions, please contact us. While we treat alcohol and drug abuse and dependency as a separate entity, simultaneously we are able to work with you on other major issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, stress, relationship problems, and past experiences.


If you think you have a drug problem or if you are concerned that a family member and/or friend might be abusing drugs, then call us at 345-926-0882

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